Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Manang Nany

     Happy birthday, Manang, wherever you are.  You are missed, specially remembered today on your birthday as I think of you fondly every day.

     My heart goes out in prayer for you as you continue your journey in the heavenly world. You have been a wonderful sister, mentor, guide and friend to me.

     I remember how thoughtful you were.  You saw me cutting out cardboard squares making my own Scrabble game. On my birthday, you gave me a Scrabble set to my heart's delight. You supported me through my up's and down's.  When I participated with my fellow chemistry students in a choral contest at the radio program, Student Canteen, you obtained for me a lovely Christmas medley (Planting Rice, Silent Night, Joy to the World) arranged by Regino Dano. When two helpers who promised to build me a lantern for the MIT lantern contest abandoned the project, you came to the rescue and completed a beautiful model of the carbon atom.

     I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me and with me.  It was your idea for me to start wearing a pony tail and you showed me how.  That was indeed the hairstyle of choice for the ladies of my class and I fitted right in with my pony tail.  Years later when I was concerned on making a professional impression as I started working for Abbott Laboratories, you styled my hair into a French twist.  You would even wake up early to comb my hair so I can get ready for the walk to the train station in plenty of time.

     Once I started teaching children, you took me to observe a teacher teach in her class and later on teach at a mall to a group of children with their parents. These experiences provided concrete models for me in conducting formal classes and music labs. From then on, you gave me books, overhead transparencies,  records, articles all related to music - which really came in handy as I taught at the university.

     I enjoyed our get-togethers where you sang or led in the community singing.  I enjoyed most our piano duets.  During my last visit with you, I really wanted to ask you to play piano duet with me but my better sense told me not to.  I wished I could have played piano duet with you one last time. Today, I play and sing and enjoy music as though you are here to listen.  Thanks for the music.  I love you.  Happy birthday!


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