Wednesday, March 25, 2015

If I Light One Candle
            I have a lit candle in my hand because someone had lit it for me.  I see in the dark and can walk with certainty as I find my way home. On the mental plane, I have the power to discriminate what is truthful and what is not.  With an enlightened mind, I am free.
            If I light one candle, I will empower the bearer of the light the  benefits of light without diminishing my own.  With such a simple act, I make my spot brighter than before.  If I light a hundred candles, the place will be all aglow and definitely more brilliant than before without diminishing my own light.  Intellectually, individuals will be seekers of truth endeavoring to live in accord with the universal laws of love, joy and peace.
            Freeing the mind begins with reading.  One cannot truly participate in the community without knowing how to read.  Reading can be taught, reading can be learned.  The joy of reading independently is akin to walking with our own two feet as toddlers for the first time.  From then on, we never stopped walking, we walked and we even ran.
            Find someone to teach how to read and share the excitement and freedom that comes with this achievement. 

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Monday, February 9, 2015

If You Missed the Workshop, Here is a Recording
The Power Point Presentation is on a Second Document

            The wonder of technology can now bring the workshop to you through a recording made live during the workshop and the Power Point sent as a second document.  Here is how to access the recording and Power Point:
            Go to
            Find a small icon on the upper right hand corner on the menu bar.  That is the download icon.  Click on it and go ahead download the documents.  There will appear two items, an audio recording and a Power Point.  Play one at a time.  The audio runs about 47 minutes.  The Power Point can run as fast or as slow as you want since you control the speed yourself.
            The audio recording starts with the audience singing with me "Don't Let the Rain Come Down."  I go on to describe how the statistics of our country's poor readers is grim.  I then discussed how we can use the set of colorful posters I designed along with an instructional DVD can change the negative to positive.  We can teach someone to read through this simple, affordable, effective, colorful and inviting learning materials.  Take a few minutes a day and in time you will learn all lessons with the spirit of confidence.
            Try it and let me know how you like it.
            You can also order  the set of posters with the DVD online.  Payment through credit cards will be accepted.
            Let's give everybody a chance to learn to read.  Let's read.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Love of Learning

Back from Miami
by Ijya C. Tulloss

         I just got back from Miami, Florida.  I was there with my son, Mark,  to give a presentation to educators and parents of South Florida.  The conference was hosted by Barry University and organized by the Andrew Dora McGhee Montessori Foundation.  We also launched Phase I of our reading program featuring seven colorful posters with an instructional video.
            The weekend was a reunion with former students and friends, a reconnection with Barry University faculty and staff and a spiritual rejuvenation. I was honored for bringing Montessori to Barry during the assembly.  More than 500 attended.
            My presentation briefly described how our reading program works featuring video clips of children involved in the process.  Several students were so surprised to see Melanie on video teaching small children one-on-one.  They saw her as a ten year old sitting in my Humanities class.  They also admired the alphabet chart she drew.
            Selling was brisk.  Several people crowded our two tables.  We could have used two more personnel each with his/her own "square" device attached to an iphone.  We were lucky for Sarah to come and manage our tables while Mark and I were at my presentation.
            The posters standing on easels were so attractive.  People asked who drew the illustrations.  If you missed the event and would like to purchase this reading program for a reasonable price, this is what you do:
            Go to
Home page shows pictures.  On the menu bar on top, you will see Our Story, Products.   Click on Products.
The Products page shows  our posters displayed singly,  as a group and our DVD.  Prices are indicated on each item.  Click on the selected item and proceed to pay online.

Follow-up sessions online will be delivered upon request.  Let's read!