Wednesday, March 25, 2015

If I Light One Candle
            I have a lit candle in my hand because someone had lit it for me.  I see in the dark and can walk with certainty as I find my way home. On the mental plane, I have the power to discriminate what is truthful and what is not.  With an enlightened mind, I am free.
            If I light one candle, I will empower the bearer of the light the  benefits of light without diminishing my own.  With such a simple act, I make my spot brighter than before.  If I light a hundred candles, the place will be all aglow and definitely more brilliant than before without diminishing my own light.  Intellectually, individuals will be seekers of truth endeavoring to live in accord with the universal laws of love, joy and peace.
            Freeing the mind begins with reading.  One cannot truly participate in the community without knowing how to read.  Reading can be taught, reading can be learned.  The joy of reading independently is akin to walking with our own two feet as toddlers for the first time.  From then on, we never stopped walking, we walked and we even ran.
            Find someone to teach how to read and share the excitement and freedom that comes with this achievement. 

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