Thursday, August 14, 2014

Miracles in Miami
1)  My Silver Toyota Corolla

            I arrived in Miami, Florida to start working in my new job.   I had no car so I  rented an apartment close to the university.  All I had to do was to walk to my place of work.  I was wrong.  The job required visits to schools to supervise teachers learning how to teach using the Montessori method.  I wrongly assumed that the university would provide me a car to make those school visits.

            Left with no choice, I started calling car dealers from A to Z in alphabetical order for their best offer.  I was made aware by the dealers that I had no credit and had no money.  I got to “T” for Toyota.  I spared the dealer from asking me questions by volunteering the information I gained from talking to the other dealers.

            “I have no credit and have no money but I need a car in my job.  I have a good university job and I need a car to do my job.  Furthermore, since I have no car, I need someone to pick me up to see you to pick a car.” 

            I figured out that he can pick me up and if he does not sell me a car, he will have to drive me home.  If he sells me a car I drive myself home.  What do I have to lose?

            “What’s your address?” he asked.

            I gave him my address.  In 15 minutes, the dealer was right at my door.

            It took six hours for the office staff to make phone calls, confer among themselves but at the end of the day, they gave me a car – a 1991 silver Toyota Corolla.  It had 6000 miles since it had been used as a demo car. 

            I drove myself home!  That’s a miracle.  I kept the car for 12 years.

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