Saturday, August 16, 2014

Helped by an Angel

            It was about 9:00 in the morning of a work day.  I was driving to work taking the route around the neighborhood when my car stopped right at the intersection.  I could not get it to start again.  With no cell phone at that time, I decided to walk back to my apartment leaving the car blocking the intersection.  It was quite a walk on a hot day to my apartment eight  blocks away.

            I made a phone call to  AAA  (American Automobile Association) roadside service and was told that the service car will be at the site in 45 minutes. 

            I walked back to my car.  I could not find it at the intersection.  Where could it be?  I  feared that someone may have stolen it.  I stood at the intersection and looked around for somebody to talk to. 

            In five minutes,  two men, a father and his son, approached me.  They told me that they pushed my car out of the intersection since it was blocking traffic.  They pushed it into their driveway.  They further explained that my car battery was dead and I needed to replace it.  Meanwhile, they happened to have a spare battery and they took the liberty to take my old battery out and placed their good battery in.  They placed  the old battery on a plastic bag to protect the rug on the floor.  They then instructed me to drive to K-Mart to get a new battery installed, get rid of my old one and place their battery on the plastic bag so I can return it to them. 

            I did as instructed.   I was thankful that a total stranger took meticulous care to temporarily replace my dead battery with one that works so I can drive to K-Mart to get a new one installed.  How else could I have driven to K-Mart with a dead battery?  My car was not stolen after all.  I was helped by an angel who delivered another miracle.

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