Friday, December 25, 2009

Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks

      This is my first posting for my very own blog. I am not sure what direction the postings will take but I have a few ideas: I can report on what's happening in my life, make comments on what's happening, shape my wishes and dreams, paint the picture of what it would look once a problem is solved, post a few ideas of possible solutions to achieve a specific goal.

      About twenty years ago I applied for the position of an advice columnist, so did ten thousand others. I thought I would make a good counselor with pin-pointed advice, practical as well as insightful, positive and empathetic. I did not get the job but I received a letter of rejection which is still something to be proud of. Now with this blog, I could try my hand at being my own advice columnist. How about that?

      This blog could be a draft of ideas worth publishing. Several topics come to mind: memorable Christmas celebrations and traditions, experiences while teaching young children ages 3-6 years and 6-9 years in a Montessori school, comparing these experiences with teaching graduate students preparing themselves to become Montessori teachers, recounting the greatest job on earth, being a mother to two sons, facing the struggles of making financial ends meet, listing the miracles that could only be explained as such that happened to me, the joy of immersing in music (listening, playing, singing, choir, women's barbershop), holding on to spiritual principles to maintain serenity amidst chaos.... to mention a few.

      Let's talk through this blog. Let us talk as friends whose only goal is enhancing our bonds as friends and getting enriched and fulfilled through this connection.

Till the next blog.
Ijya C. Tulloss

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